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Don't buy this stuff! It's a complete ripoff!

These scammers make you go through this *** and fake "qualification " process where they ask you personal questions like "is your family upset and disappointed because of your weight"? , and "do you know that people stay away from you because they are embarrassed to be around you"? That's horrible! Then you go through another round of high pressure sales tactics and they try convince you that the owner of Roca Labs personally "invented" this "miricle" and it is custom made for you.

So after you go through all this, you decide to google these people and do some research before you take the plunge. So I did, and what I found was shocking in a bad way. It's all BS apparently and the whole company appears to be some Miami type slickies who are nothing but high pressure sales people! Another thing to note is NO REFUNDS, PERIOD.

It's a TOTAL RIPOFF because they tell you they don't reward failure, they reward success. If you want to be a success, you might get a Disney trip out of Juravin!

Don't fall for this *** people. It's a SCAM

Product or Service Mentioned: Roca Labs Gastric Bypass Alternative Weight Loss Program.

Reason of review: TOTAL RIPOFF.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

I didn't like: Fake products, Deceitful dealings with consumers, Don karl juravin lies, Don juravin lies.

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I saw that Roca Labs which owns GBA filed bankruptcy along with Don Juravin. Isn’t anyone worried about spending a lot of money with a bankrupt company?


Honestly....how *** do you have to be to fall for these things? The reason guys like this are in business is because people are gullible.

There are no "miracle cures" or "quick fixes" for problems like obesity.

If you don't know that on your own, you should probably stop making major decisions without having someone help you. Grow up and get with the real world folks.

to Anonymous #1403822

SO true! It takes years & years to become obese....yet they expect to get to a normal weight at lightning speed.

Not gonna happen!

Just stop eating so much. PERIOD.

to Natalie #1481652

Have you ever stop and think about people that have thyroids problem that makes them gain weight or some people who have to take steriod shot for chronic pain that also makes them gain weight over eating is not the only thing that makes some people gain weight so watch your mouth and words when you're talking if you don't have anything good to say about anyone well shut the *** up and mine your own business not everyone is fortunate like you.


I feel your pain. It is a rip off and this man is still selling this ***!

Houston, Texas, United States #1342604

Send him back to Isreal!!!

to ICE MAN Davie, Florida, United States #1345878

Ice man , It is spelled Israel you ***. Please, we need to send him back to the right country. Learn how to spell redneck

Lantana, Florida, United States #1336575

I found the same when I tried it, what a disappointment

Orlando, Florida, United States #1334951

This guy is a joke...who falls for this?

to Anonymous #1346159

People wanting a solution who want to believe this will work.

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