I want to talk about what gastric bypass alternative did for me 1 1/2 yrs ago I purchased gastric bypass alternative being a skeptic.At that time I was 218 pounds had high blood pressure taking medicine for and had both knees operated on twice being told if I didn't lose the weight knee replacement was next I also had arthritis that cause pain and burning in left leg with any exercise.Well after starting this amazing product with in a few months I was not only taken off blood pressure medicine I was able to walk miles with no pain ,ride my bike and best of all enjoy running around with my grandbabies .I'm truly grateful and happy to report not only did I get the weight off but I've gained control of my life learning new eating behaviors all due to gastric bypass alternative no surgery.Im very thankful to the creater Don Juravin and his team for all they do to help us to achieve a healthy life .

Product or Service Mentioned: Gastric Bypass Alternative Weight Loss Program.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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This guy Don Adi Juravin writes a ton of fake reviews. I looked it up on his Facebook page and one of the writers is correct, they are paid and reposts. I am shocked the Feds don’t have him in jail yet


Trust only real users of the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE so talk to them directly. 50,000 of them.Facebook.com/groups/LOST100


I've tried a million diets and weight loss plans and nothing worked for me until I started this miracle weight reduction.The Gastric Bypass Alternative is AMAZING!I was skeptical and that's why I stacked the Facebook group "Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE-NO Surgery" for like 3 or 4 months before I finally bought it.This Don Karl Juravin is a "hard *** but his leadership and coaching is a MUST when you need the discipline to reach your healthy weight goal.The Gastric Bypass Alternative is not as useful if you are not determined so talk to people there first like I did.It's a LIFESAVER!


I just love hearing success stories. I will be one eventually with the help of Don Karl Juravin and his invention Gastric bypass alternative.

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