I just saw online that Must Cure Obesity Co. And Don Juravin who own Gastric Bypass Alternative have been sued yet again in a Federal Class Action Lawsuit that was filed by a guy named Adam Bugbee in Chicago.

Apparently and according to the complaint, Juravin sent hundreds of thousands of text massages to people who were on the FTC Do Not Call list. It says that Juravin was warned many times that this was a violation of Federal law, but apparently that did not stop him from doing the text messages anyways. The lawsuit is listed as Adam Bugbee vs.

Must Cure Obesity co. & Don Karl Juravin and was filed on June 27th, 2018.

Please be careful when buying online products from shady companies and stay safe!

Product or Service Mentioned: Gastric Bypass Alternative Weight Loss Program.

Reason of review: Crazy lawsuits.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Gastric Bypass Alternative Cons: Sent illegal texts, Crazy lawsuits, Dangerous medical advice, Roca labs scams.

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This scammer ripped me off for over $1500.00 and when I demanded a refund he threatened to sue me for extortion! I googled this idiot and apparently that is his favorite line when he owes money to someone. I have filed a small claims complaint against him in Miami....so let’s see if he shows up!


Thank G-D for these reviews... I think this has helped me to make the right decision and not get ripped off today.


Beware of GBA! It’s really bad for your health.

Take it form someone who bought, used it and ended up in hospital. I will never recommend this garbage to anyone to consume.


I bought this stuff, it was terrible and guess what? When you call and ask for refund no one seems to call you back.

When you press hard, they threaten to sue you.

Isn’t that nice? Stay away.


How can I join the class action lawsuit because I got at least 4 texts from these idiots?


My Dad told me Gastric Bypass Alternative is only for suckers and really does not work and I was stupid for buying it.. won’t do this again


We must bring praise to Don Karl Juravin #1 in USA weight loss expert as he save my life! I lost 512 pound in under 3 months thanks to the Don and his miracle inventions from the Holy Land of Israel! Thank you Don Karl Juravin for guaranteeing that I would lose at least 450 pounds in 3 months!


This has got to be a joke, right?


Posting a fake review about Don Karl Juravin by you everywhere is a big joke, in just the sake of money. You have shown in each review your true colors.


Hi Don!


Fake review????? Check the public record there Adi boy!


I used to live in same neighborhood in Sarasota with this guy Don Juravin....he is good old fashioned nuts. I had to go to court for my wife and I as he was constantly harassing and threatening us.

On numerous occasions he would follow us around town tailgating us and would just park and watch us when we would go to the store or a restaurant. The Judge in Sarasota finally ordered a stalking injunction against him to protect us.

He did this to us because we complained about the garbage and bad smells emanating from the house as it was really disgusting. Anyone who has any dealings with him I would urge to be extremely cautious.


I am Don Karl Juravin the AMAZING inventor and Number 1 Weight Loss Expert in all USA. These writings here are bad and are to make many laughs upon me and they are writings of extortion upon me by EVIL against of USA Government and competition from weight loss companies who don’t want me to bring you my MIRACLES that I invented from Holy Land of Israel. I ask my followers not to read or believe these writings of extortion upon me and ones that make many laughs upon me as they just want to not have me be your leader and lose weight following the MIRACLE Gastric Bypass Alternative NO Surgery regemin s


Holy *** I must have gotten 20 plus annoying *** text messages from these people just in one week! How do they get away with blowing people’s phones up????? This is so annoying and I am fed up with this ***

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