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It's a daily occurrence. Don Juravin day after day continues his attack on others while he himself should be worried about the impending lawsuits against him.

They are not frivolous or pointless like he brings upon others either. They are by the Federal Trade Commission, and the Internal Revenue Service. Serious players. He should be aware of the desperate situation he is in since he's been there before.

He lost a major suit in Israel in which he lost millions, had to flee the country in shame, and change his name. But no. He continues his attack. Whether it is to again try to extort money, who knows.

It's hard to explain the actions of crazy. Not to mention these attacks are hugely hypocritical considering his track record. I find it hilarious how his ONLY rebuttal to all the facts is, "The customers didn't complain", or, "I trick them out of love." But they DID complain. Well, when they were brave enough too.

Don Juravin has hid behind litigation, gag clauses and employed scare tactics to bully unsatisfied customers, former employees, or others to get his way. He has even tried this tactic against the FTC! His "press release" of fighting the FTC was PACKED FULL of inaccuracies, absurd claims, and ended up being one big *** "door-to-door salesman" type sales pitch. Apparently, Juravin and his lawyers don't realize these ridiculous tactics don't work against the FEDERAL government.

Currently, he persists in attacking whistle-blowers and those who wish to spread the truth about his dealings. It appears that Juravin is ADDICTED to litigation. He can't stop suing people. He can't stop harassing people.

It seem like his base nature is to mislead others and spin the truth. He promotes that he is some kind of "truth bringer" citing free speech, while actively squashing that right of others.

FTC and IRS - Please put this guy out of business. Soon.

Reason of review: Misleading practices, Lies,.

I didn't like: Don karl juravin lies, Deceitful dealings with consumers, Deception, Lawsuits, Bullying.

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I was doing research on weight loss and asked a question twice because I didn’t understand how they were explaining what I asked, and he jumped in my conversation and was very very rude, well I called him on how he was acting and told him that he was rude and a smart *** and he pretty much told me I was dumb and blocked me from the site.


The prosecuting attorneys are Carl H Settlemyer and Paul B Spelman. Their email addresses are:,


סקירה מעולה!


Thank you for making this article, honestly. Its is disgusting what he is doing. I have never had a worse experience with someone in my life


He is no freedom fighter...he is a pathological liar and c*n man who steals money from innocent people.

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