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This is truly disgusting; Roca Labs owner Don Juravin who is also known as Adi Jorbin got caught by Sarasota County Florida health inspectors for making and assembling his bogus weight loss products in his dirty home garage where they saw roaches and dog poop everywhere. What is interesting to note is that he claimed his bogus products were made in an approved FDA compliant facility.

What a LIAR! I have pulled from the public records the violation notice from the county and supporting pictures to prove it.

Do your research folks and go to a real weight loss specialist instead of a internet snake oil salesman who apparently only cares about taking your money and not your health. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Reason of review: Disgusting bogus products.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

I didn't like: Products were not made in fda facility as claimed.

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I ended up in the ER on this junk. I do not recommend to anyone.


This is so gross, no wonder it made me so sick. My Doctor said I was 1-2 days away from going to hospital had I not stopped using this stuff.

I wonder how this guy Don who is a high school drop out suddenly became “America’s Number 1 Weight Loss Guru” ??????? I am calling BS on he and his products


OMG this sooooooooooooooo GROSS! I got a text ad from this company and Iam so glad I read this before I bought anything.


This is really gross.....why are people still getting taken for their $$$$$?


Holy *** this post is disgusting but looks true as the poster actually supplied the evidence. I am out on buying this ***


Go to his new “hate my fat” website and ask him why he is getting booted from Facebook.... it’s because they were getting so many complaints they dropped the hammer on him. Once a scammer, always a scammer

to Belinda #1488206

I want to throw up


Looks like the scammer Juravin must be on another of his marketing pushes when you see all of his “great reviews”, which are nothing more than paid reposts from his Facebook ang Google plus pages. Don’t fall for the BS


doesn't anyone reading these reviews find it funny that he is collecting millions of dollars and being sued everywhere? but he would have a garage full of roaches living a lavish lifestyle?I think that yes there are people that want a miracle drug without any of the work.and even if it is only fiber.. what does it matter if it helps and gives you faith to push forward?


The prosecuting attorneys are Carl H Settlemyer and Paul B Spelman. Their email addresses are: csettlemyer@ftc.gov, pspelman@ftc.govWe need to start a class action lawsuit


I used to work for Juravin in his dirty garage making the “regimen” and it was a joke! I can’t tell you how many times I stepped in his dog’s crap while we were trying to work! Truly grossed me and my boyfriend out!

to Anonymous #1432793

How f”ing gross! My friend bought that crap and basically flushed it down the crapper


After reading this and the fact that the writer posted actual documents from the public records shows me that I should steer clear of this SCAM!


He is a piece of crap


My friend worked at his house and confirmed all of this! So disgusting!


This scammer is going to JAIL...good riddance you scamming ***


This guy was is a rude pig and owes a lot of money to a lot of people. Pure scammer


What a piece of garbage this nut job is. Why do so many people fall for these scams?


Good review on this scammer, he has hurt too many people


That is sooooooooo nasty! I am very surprised he is actually still in business. Hopefully the FTC will end this scammer’s run

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