Guys, it’s all over for this internet scammer. On this past Friday September 14th, US District Judge Mary S. Scriven handed down the final order in the case where the FTC sued Don Karl Juravin and his companies (GBA) for selling fake weight loss products and then suing consumers for posting their honest opinions on pissedconsumer.com claiming that they were trying to extort money from him because they posted their opinion. Juravin even sued pissedconsumer’s parent company, Consumer Opinion Corp. for letting them post. He lost badly on that one as well!

From what we have read in the order, it appears that Juravin will have to shut down all operations and sales! Will he do it? Probably not immediately knowing this online con artist.


Thanks Pissedconsumer.com for protecting consumers!

Product or Service Mentioned: Gastric Bypass Alternative Weight Loss Program.

Reason of review: FTC WON!.

Gastric Bypass Alternative Pros: Ftc won against juravin.

Gastric Bypass Alternative Cons: Lawsuits, Products were not made in fda facility as claimed, False advertising, Made me ill.

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How do I get my money back $700.00 Margaret M. Noble 7841 Iliad Ave Hudson Florida 34667


Yea me too cause I spent that much too


I cannot give my name in this post as I am scared for my safety as I have been threatened, but everything you read here on this site about GBA being fake is true. I used to give “testimonials” for Juravin and got paid for it.

I never used the product and I am truly sorry to everyone out there who have been hurt for the lies I participated in. Please accept my apology for doing this to you as you guys did not deserve this.


I want my money back from this scammer! Do you have any insight on how to collect??


I appreciate you admitting that you helped this scammer.


Man I am glad I googled this before I bought and wasted my hard earned 900 bucks. F these scammers who just don’t care about stealing from people who can least afford to lose their hard earned money.


Holy crap am I happy I saw this! I was just getting ready to buy 3 kits for me, my husband and my Mom.

Thanks to whomever posted this! You saved me $3000.00 !!!!!


I cannot believe how long it took the government to shut these scammers down!!!??? The other thing I still find hard to believe is how many suckers got scammed by this guy !


I read on a site once that this joker faked a pic showing carlton from fresh prince holding his product!! Hahahah Is that even a thing???


I'm so glad I saw this. I was ready to purchase and spend over 900.00 on it. Thank you for the eye opener.


Glad I saw this, whoa!


OOMG! I am so glad I saw this .....

I was getting ready to place an order!

This just saved me over $900 !!!! Thank you whomever posted this!

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